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To prevent lost pet--Pet GPS Tracker

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Now a lot of people in the pet has not simply think of them as a pet, but to their pets as a member of the family. So for your own pet affinity, lost is not allowed to own a pet. Pet gps tracker can help people locate their pets, to prevent lost pet.

1.  Pet GPS Tracker built-in GPS Receiver, set activities in the range of safety activities, the alarm will not be to owner of the pet, when the pet left the safe area, the alarm told the owner.

2.  After processing, transmit the signals to a computer or app.Via mobile phones or other devices to master set pet to leave area

3.  Have a pet gps tracker, pet owners do not have to worry about their pet got lost, with the help of the GPS can help find lost pets, no longer sad for the loss of a pet.

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