TR06 China vehicle gps tracker for car GT06N


  • Name: imei number tracking radio shack gps car tracker
  • No.: TR06S-3
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Vehicle tracking locator 20 million vehicles worldwide to provide GPS / base station location queries, real-time monitoring, satellite maps .6 features large, full localization.

1, precise GPS global satellite positioning, high positioning accuracy quickly. Power can be installed on the phone locating cartoon, comprehensive location tracking no dead ends, regardless of the region can be, regardless of the time, always positioning tracking, configuration sets within map error correction, the operation simple and approachable.

2, detailed driving track playback smooth, powerful playback. Owners can choose the most recent 60-day driving track during playback can also display the current speed, direction, residence time, playback smooth and intuitive.

3, equipped with Android / Apple phone client. Exclusive development of smart phone inquiries software, just download and install to your phone, you can query real-time vehicle location, trajectory playback, real-time tracking, support satellite map browsing, you can make more realistic map browsing.

4, high-end positioning chip, GPS positioning system chip is the core component, the advantages of high-end chip is fast, sensitive, energy-saving, practical tests show that from energized to fully position requires only about 30 seconds. Generally inferior products will use cheap low-grade chips, which are often inaccurate positioning, the error is too large.

5, with memory Electric Fence, intelligent auto-arming can SMS alerts. After the vehicle will automatically enter into the scope of the fence fortification state, vehicle after the fence, the owner of the phone will receive a warning message prompts, without duplication, permanent.

Original NEW MODEL -TR06S

TR06S is a waterproof GPS vehicle tracker which integrates built-in GSM and GPS double antennas.

Its main functions are Over speed alarm/ cut off fuel and electricity /vibration alarm/ Master number setting / Waterproof : IP65 and so on.

It can be used in logistics truck and car to support fleet managment.

radio shack gps car tracker

radio shack gps car tracker

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