TR06 China vehicle gps tracker for car GT06N



Product type: mini GPS tracker

Main features: cost-effective, mature and stable, easy for use, GPS+LBS dual-mode positioning, real time tracking, history tracking, SOS call, voice monitoring

kids gps tracker mini

Product function
1. Real-time tracking
2. Historical route
3. Geo-fence
4. Emergency call
5. Voice monitoring
6. Do not disturb mode
7. Find locator
8. Other functions setting

Equipment parameters

  • Positioning: GPS satellite
  • Positioning + Beidou + LBS base station positioning + AGPS auxiliary positioning
  • Positioning accuracy: GPS location 5 to 50m
  • Base station location: 50-1000m
  • Device size: 40x38x15mm
  • Battery capacity: 450mAh 
  • Standby time: 5 days 


  1. Price terms: FOB $22-26/piece
  2. Supply capacity: 20,000 pieces per month
  3. Packing: firstly the each wrapped with mercifully bag and then 50 pieces carton
  4. Delivery lead time: 2-5 days after sample approval and received the bank transfer

About tracking platform:
Our professional tracking platform
We provide stable free app and PC GPS tracking platform

Why choose us?

  1. Reliable
  2. Fashionable design
  3. Safety packing
  4. Short lead time
  5. One-stop service
  6. We are factory

Function declaration
5.1 Real time tracking
Chose real time tracking, click the icon then can check where the locator is
5.2 Trajectory tracking mode settings and query
There are three kinds of tracking mode
Users through setting in the phone app software function to set the working mode
1. Rapid positioning (1 minute): equipment at 1 minute intervals update location information, rapid positioning model the locator use battery faster
2. Standard positioning (10 minutes): equipment according to the time of 10 minutes interval update location information
3. Save electricity positioning (an hour): equipment in one hour time interval update location information, the power-saving mode use battery is slowly
5.3 Historical route query
This product can keep 3 months of route information
If two anchor point position is very close, this product will be in the route filter position very close point
5.4 Geo-fence
 Users in the cell phone app choose Geo-fence function, on the map can set Geo-fence round, if the device away from fences, mobile phone app client-side will display the alarm information
Alarm information time is related to the positioning interval time setting, the smaller positioning time interval can get timely alarm information

TK18 mini child kids gps tracker

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